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«By studying the problems of time, one learns some things about humanity and about oneself; things that were not understood before: questions of sociology and human sciences in general, which the current state of theoretical instruments did not allow to raise, become accessible»[1].

What for some represents a unit of measurement for others marks the stage of evolution of humanity, serves as a comparison, optimization of resources, accelerates processes, homogenizes actions, serves as an indicator of effectiveness and efficiency, and many other human and natural acts. Time has always been a subject of reflection and at the present time it seems to be the main actor in most actions from birth to death.

Daniel Innerarity[4] proposes a social theory of time to address the study and eventual solution of the fundamental problems affecting our society. His proposal is an approach to the subject of sociology more interested in the analysis of the problems of time (acceleration, urgency, chronicity), risk (not only environmental) and the complexity-contingency-uncertainty syndrome that determines the actions and interactions of subjects. In addition, there is the structural incapacity of political institutions to deal with the future, the lack of synchronization and their slowing down, which weakens our democratic societies, being below the functional requirements that fall upon it. For Esquirol it is about the ethics of the day to day and the possibility of achieving a dignified life as opposed to the current dominant features: haste, urgency, acceleration, overwhelm, among others. The rhythm of life is intertwined with cosmic and biological rhythms, as well as with social and individual rhythms, exercising a neurotic administration of time[5].

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I hereby declare that I hold custody rights over the minor whose medical records I am accessing at this time. Should I lose my rights of custody or guardianship for any reason, I endeavor to inform the hospital to this effect without delay.

All tests are performed on a non-fasting basis, except for the PCR saliva collection for which you must be 30 minutes beforehand without eating, drinking or smoking (see sampling procedure).

The IgG- IgM- result indicates that the disease has not been passed. In case of suspicion of having been infected in the previous 15 days, PCR should be performed if necessary to rule out active infection.

Consult your family doctor or health center immediately in case of a positive test result. Wear a mask, use extreme hand hygiene and isolate yourself at home unless your doctor tells you to go to a medical facility. If you would like your case to be followed up at a Quiron Health center, call 901 500 501 to request urgent assistance.

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«We are a team of professionals focused on helping our patients from a proper diagnosis and treatment, to enhance their resources to better cope with adversities and to acquire tools that allow them to better fend for themselves».

Valencia Positiva is composed of a team of professionals trained in different specialties in the field of Neurosciences and contextual therapies: Psychiatry, Psychology, Neuropsychology, Neurology and Nutrition.

Through this diverse knowledge we seek to help our patients and their environment to reach an adequate diagnosis and provide them with a treatment based on the best available evidence. Trying to enhance their resources and develop various tools to pass through different instances of their vital condition.

We promote that people can develop psychological flexibility, training cognitive and emotional abilities to generate healthier and empathic bonds, with more self-confidence and better strategies to face difficulties in their daily lives.